Leyland Owners & Clubs. - 2002

National Rally 2002

Perth W.A. Easter

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Conference room
The conference room was the communional room for the Rally. We were able to registered, and collect our room keys. Set up around the room, spare parts and memoribilia - both past and present. The W.A. club also had a TVvideo, fridges and tea making facilities available. Softdrinks, port and wines was also forsale.

Entrance to the conference room.

Registering area

Waiting to watch the Peter Wherret video on the P76.

The club members and visitors getting ready for the trivia night.
Dining area

Dining room.
Living accommodation
Accommodation block

Courtyard for hanging out washing and guest rooms.

Typical guest rooms, single beds. (my room)
There was a number of items of interest in the grounds of conference centre.

White Cockatoos and parrots.

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