Leyland Owners & Clubs. - 2002



CONCOURS:- (Judging was conducted under WA Club Rules)

Deluxe:               1st  James Mentiplay – Bitter Apricot Col Auto V8

Super:                 1st  James Mentiplay – Spanish Olive 4 spd Manual

Targa Florio:     1st  Terry Johnson – Omega Navy

Executive:          1st  Bill Brain – Chrystal White

Modified Gp 1:  1st Warrewyk Williams – Bitter Apricot Exec 4 spd Manual

Modified Gp 2:  1st  Garth Morris – Chrystal White Exec Turbo

Best Overall:      1st  Wayne Filmer – NV Green Super

People’s Choice:1st  Wayne Filmer – NV Green Super



1st   Norm Julian / Anton Frank / Joanne Frank                                        2

2nd  Nick & Nikky Kounelis                                                                      3

3rd  Gus & Marj Durham                                                                           4

4th  Garth Morris / Dave Nelson / Dave Collins                                        5

5th  Nigel & Di Bray                                                                                  6

6th  Terry Johnson  / Graham & Pat Rogerson                                          7

7th  Gordon & Kay Murray                                                                        8

8th  Warrewyk & Carmel Williams 9

9th  John & Dell Humphries                                                                     10

10th Mick Le Cocq / Eric Connor                                                             12

11th John & Mavis Metcalf                                                                       13

12th Stan & Margaret Larter                                                                     16

13th George & Sara Garofallou                                                                17




Surface: Bitumen  

Course:  Forward Slalom through 3 sections

All drivers had 2 runs, both runs counting toward overall score


1st   Andrew Mentiplay

2nd  Warrewyk Williams

3rd   Nick Kounelis




Driver                           1st Run           2nd Run         Total       Position


Andrew Mentiplay         42.03               38.97              81.00           1st

Warrewyk Williams       43.34*             38.41              81.75           2nd

Nick Kounelis                41.69               40.44              82.13           3rd

George Garofallou         42.31               42.91              85.22           4th

James Mentiplay            42.59               42.68              85.27           5th

Garth Morris                  50.32**           36.65              86.97           6th

Stan Larter                     46.28               42.22              88.50           7th

John Metcalf                  43.66               51.96              95.62           8th

Mick Le Cocq                55.32^             42.47              97.79           9th

Terry Johnson                55.32^                 -                      -          Withdrawn


*   = Marker Penalty: 5 seconds

** = Two Marker Penalties: 10 seconds

^   = Wash Out (incorrect course or mechanical problem) - Slowest Time Plus 5 seconds

Zetland Shield Winners:  Western Australia


John & Dell Humphries – Queensland



The WA P76 Club takes this opportunity to thank the following people who attended the 2002 National Meeting:


From the State of Queensland:           From the State of New South Wales:

Garth Morris                                           Norm Julian

Dave Collins                                           Dave Nelson                                           

Stan Larter                                              Warrewyk Williams

Margaret Larter                                       Carmel Williams

John Humphries                                      Angela Williams

Dell Humphries                                       Lloyd Williams

Adrian Spencer                                       Gordon Murray

Leonard Spencer                                     Kay Murray

Graham Rogerson                                   Hal Moloney

Pat Rogerson                                           Cale Moloney

                                                                 Horst Reimann


From the State of South Australia:       From the State of Tasmania:

Nigel Bray                                                 Nick Kounelis

Dianne Bray                                              Nikky Kounelis

Wayne Filmer                                           Billy Kounelis

Helen Filmer

Anton Frank

Joanne Frank


And all the way from New Zealand:     Eric Connor


All of the above people travelled vast distances to join the WA members in Perth for the 2002 National Meeting. Their enthusiasm was enormous, and we thank each and every one of them.



Attending Delegates: South Australian P76 Club; Queensland P76 Club; NSW P76 Owners Club; Hunter Valley P76 Club; Western Australian P76 Club.

Meeting Opened:  4 PM

  1. Allocation of 2004 National Meeting: The Canberra P76 Club had not confirmed details of the status of their 2003 event at the time of  the Delegates Meeting. The 30th  Anniversary event planned by the Canberra Club was seen as a positive step for the ACT Club.

After general discussion, it was unanimously agreed to award the 2004 event official National Meeting status, regardless of the eventual status of the 2003 event in Canberra. The Queensland P76 Club have first option on the 2004 event, and their delegates advised the meeting that the Queensland Club will host the next National Meeting in 2004.

  1. 2005 National Gathering: No decision was made on this event.
  1. 2006 National Meeting: The NSW delegates were advised that their Club have first option on the 2006 event. The delegates will report back to their Club, to investigate the possibility of hosting the 2006 National Meeting. Their findings will be advised to all other P76 Clubs.
  1. National P76 Club Website: The Queensland delegates raised the idea of establishing a National Website for all P76 clubs. Their Club’s current website co-ordinator, Adrian Spencer, has volunteered to act as National Co-ordinator, with other P76 clubs appointing state co-ordinators to continuously update information on the website.  This would enable wide publicity to be given to Coming Events, Local News, Spare Parts information, etc, etc.

            The costs of the website would be borne by all P76 clubs, and would therefore       

            Be very cost-effective. A continually updated website full of national information was seen as a very good method to gain maximum publicity for the P76 club movement. The Queensland P76 Club will investigate this matter further, and will advise all P76 clubs on issues like costs, website set up, etc, etc.      

  1. Spare Parts: The South Australian delegates reported that their front strut re-manufacture project would need to be finalized in the near future. They are still waiting to hear from several P76 clubs that have not replied to their request. All delegates agreed that this project should be given top priority by all P76 clubs, to enable it to proceed further.

The Queensland delegates reported that the company “Gates” is no longer making bottom radiator hoses for P76s. The Queensland Club are currently arranging re-manufacture of several rubber components, including engine mountings, top strut bushes, etc.

Meeting Closed: 4.45 PM

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