P76 Owners "Leyland P76 40th Anniversary Canberra"

Yowee's Tablet

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Yowee fueling up at Wild Horse Mountainon Sunshine Coast Wednesday afternoon

Neville, Graham and Yowees first stop from Brisbane Thursday

Notice the chooks, they run wild at this stop near Wardell, south of Balina NSW

Meal break for breakfast

Called in on Rex and Pamela at Waugoola

Fueling up at Taree service centre

Graham needed extra oil

Fueling the bodies in Gosford with Jason and family

Friday morning about to depart for Sydney from Gosford

Awaiting the rest of the cars from Gosford near Hawkbury River Bridge

Arrived at Goulburn

Magpie left a welcome on Dave's Force 7 LOL

On the Fedral Hwy heading into Canberra

Yowee enjoyed the rest of the trip into Canberra with my new driver "Rob Jones from NZ"

Speeding past Lake George on the left. This lake drys up and disappears. Wind farm on the mountian behid the lake.

Saturday morning "Rydges Lakeside International Hotel" Canberra

Middy's show car

Arriving at the Apollo tracking base at Honey Suckle Creek to the south of Canberra which is now a picnic and camping park area

Sam Garlik waving in the cars

Gundaroo Hotel and Town was the location of the Press run in 1973

Local member of the Gundaroo Bush Fire Brigade who cooked us lunch. Thanks very much.

Tony helping with the setting up of Dinner tables

Qld "P76 dealer sign" at the enterance to the hall".

NSW and 40th Anniversary signs

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